Automatic Gearbox Repairs in Bromley and the Surrounding Areas

A modern-day automatic gearbox consists of high-precision parts which, upon dismantling, our technicians fully examine and replace on behalf of our clients in Bromley, and those in the many surrounding areas. For extensive automatic gearbox repairs, we fully dismantle the transmission system, and all of its components, to clean and replace faulty parts including the mechatronics inside.

We at Wavertree Automatics then rebuild the automatic gearbox to the exact specification afterwards.

By using the latest diagnostic equipment, which we connect to the Transmission Control Module (TCM) and Engine Control Unit (ECU), our automatic gearbox specialists can check for stored fault codes and this allows us to identify specific problems for our London, Surrey and Kent customers in a fast, efficient manner.

Please contact us on 020 8776 9996 to discuss your repair needs with an automatic gearbox specialist on our team.

The Advantages of Automatic Gearboxes

Easier to Drive – With roads getting busier in Bromley and in other locations across the surrounding areas, motorists and automatic gearbox specialists agree that vehicles with an automatic gearbox are more convenient to drive in heavy traffic conditions than cars or vans with a manual equivalent.

Fuel Efficient – It has often been taken for granted that manual cars are more fuel efficient than automatics, but there have been significant moves made to improve the technology behind automatic transmissions. Gone are the days of the three and four-speed gearbox with excessively high slipping torque converters.

Today’s automatic gearbox has more gears, some with up to eight and nine speeds, which has helped to reduce fuel wastage dramatically.

Older automatic cars would be fairly inefficient because the torque converter would slip, wasting fuel. Modern torque converters lock when vehicles run at high speeds, preventing slippage. This means that, especially on the motorway, you will have less fuel wastage. The transmission internals have been refined so that there is now reduced friction in clutches, and electronically-controlled transmissions ensure the integration between the engine, the transmission system and braking system is much better.

Electronic controls change gear at the optimal point, something manual gearboxes cannot do.


As an automatic gearbox specialist for Bromley and all areas near our home location in Beckenham, we can recondition and replace the automatic gearbox, DSG gearbox or transfer units for any car or van that requires this service. This involves removing the automatic gearbox from the vehicle, dismantling it and prepping the components to be cleaned and descaled.

Once we have tested the interior components (such as the valve body, solenoids, etc.) and replaced any worn parts with OEM compliant alternatives, we proceed with comprehensive automatic gearbox repairs should they be needed.

Our automatic gearbox specialists re-fit the fully reconditioned automatic gearbox to the vehicle with new oil, re-adapt the TCM and carry out a comprehensive road test for our Bromley, London, Surrey and Kent customers.


A reputable automatic gearbox specialist provides electronic fault-finding, TCM testing, ECU testing and reconfiguring services. The TCM is responsible for the following:

  • Controlling the valves and the valve body via electrical solenoids

  • Managing the automatic gearbox shift timing

  • Providing smooth performance when changing gear

  • Varying the hydraulic oil pressure through the solenoids

The Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) of linear solenoids in a modern automatic gearbox needs to be calibrated as it works alongside the valve body. To keep the automatic gearbox components functioning as they should, fixing the TCM connections is an essential part of modern automatic gearbox repairs.

For further advice on automatic gearbox repairs in Bromley, London, Surrey and Kent, call 020 8776 9996.