Resolving Issues with Automatic Transmission in Beckenham



Have you been experiencing problems when changing gears, or have you been hearing strange noises related to the automatic transmission of your car? At Wavertree Automatics, we are one of the top automatic gearbox specialist companies to serve Beckenham clients with repair services. There are common issues associated with a modern DSG gearbox and all other traditional automatic gearbox models, which we are fully trained to fix.


No matter what model of car or van you have, we can undertake automatic gearbox repairs with the aid of modern diagnostic equipment.

Common Automatic Transmission Problems

Automatic Gearbox Response Issues


If your vehicle is not immediately responsive when changing gear, this is a clear indication of automatic transmission problems.


Other examples of an unresponsive automatic gearbox can include:


  • Ability to shift gears but the vehicle doesn’t move
  • Automatic transmission keeps slipping in and out of gear
  • Making strange noises, like whining or humming sounds


The sounds vary from different makes and models of car. Regardless of the noise, Beckenham motorists should seek advice from an automatic gearbox specialist. As one of the leading local companies for DSG gearbox and automatic gearbox repairs, our technicians can identify any issues using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.


This enables us to improve the automatic transmission performance of your car or van.


If Beckenham motorists are experiencing automatic transmission performance with unexpected slips out of gear, this a serious safety risk that needs immediate attention. Automatic gearbox repairs include the repair or replacement of worn components.

Leaking Automatic Transmission Fluid


Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is essential for the components of an automatic gearbox to run smoothly. It acts as a hydraulic fluid and lubricant which maintains clean, smooth-running functionality. Any leaks, or a lack of ATF, could cause the engine to seize up.


Our automatic gearbox specialists recommend that Beckenham motorists keep an eye on the ATF levels at all times to prevent serious and costly damage.


Here is how Beckenham clients can check the condition of the Automatic Transmission Fluid:


  • ATF which is dark or has a burnt odour should be drained and replaced
  • Check for any red stains on the road or driveway, which signals a leak
  • Assess the ATF levels by reading the dipstick on level ground after going on a short car journey
  • In comparison to oil, the fluid does not burn off so the levels should never be low


Until Beckenham motorists can schedule automatic gearbox repairs, our team strongly suggests manually topping up the Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) anyway simply to preserve the automatic gearbox components.

How to Prevent Common Issues



If the engine management light flashes on the dashboard, it is often to alert Beckenham drivers that they need a DSG gearbox or automatic gearbox specialist to help fix their vehicle. The light shouldn’t be dismissed or ignored. This can result in serious damage to your engine, or your DSG gearbox or automatic gearbox, and may result in you needing to buy expensive replacement parts for costlier repairs in the future.


There are electronic sensors that can identify when there is a problem with a vehicle’s automatic transmission; even the slightest activity, like irregular vibrations, is recorded by the ECU. These faults can be read by an automatic gearbox specialist when patched into the ECU with diagnostic equipment. From this point, we can source the problem and carry out automatic gearbox repairs to get Beckenham drivers back on the road.

For further advice about automatic gearbox repairs or DSG gearbox replacements in Beckenham, call 020 8776 9996.

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