Automatic Gearbox in Bromley | Manual and Automatic Transmission

How much do you know about the main differences and advantages between a manual and an automatic gearbox? Bromley clients can benefit from our expert knowledge as one of leading automatic gearbox specialist companies in the London, Surrey and Kent areas. Not only can we take care of DSG gearbox and other automatic gearbox repairs you may need, but we offer invaluable advice to show why automatic transmission is often a better choice.

Manual vs. Automatic Transmission

Manual Gearbox

  • Tends to be a cheaper option compared to an automatic gearbox

  • Bromley drivers fully operate the changing of the gears

  • Requires effort to shift gears in traffic or travelling across different terrains

Manual, non-automatic gearboxes are controlled by the driver, which can range from 5 to 7 gears depending on the model and make of vehicle. Shifting gear by hand and with a foot clutch pedal is typically regarded by Bromley car enthusiasts as a better driving experience compared to using a DSG gearbox or other traditional automatic gearboxes. This is because of their involvement and interaction when behind the wheel.

Automatic Gearbox

  • Smooth and relaxed feel with manual options available in most cars

  • Premium automatic transmission has a higher initial cost

  • DSG gearbox and automatic gearbox models are more fuel efficient

  • Easy for automatic gearbox repairs to be carried out with diagnostic equipment

As an automatic gearbox specialist, we recommend DSG gearboxes and other traditional automatic gearbox models because of their fast and smooth gear-changing abilities, which includes up to nine speeds in total. This high level of performance is accomplished by a torque converter, which replaces the need for a clutch. The torque convertor chooses the ideal speed, RPM and acceleration.

Benefits of Premium Automatic Transmission

Using a DSG Gearbox or Twin Clutch System

Single and twin clutch systems are lighter, cost-effective options for an automatic gearbox. The twin clutches or Direct-Shift Gearbox (DSG gearbox for short) allows a smooth and seamless gear change. The delay between switching gears is fractional, taking a millisecond to complete. Automatic gearbox specialists consider this to be a major advantage over manual transmission. A DSG gearbox is commonly found in vehicles manufactured by Volkswagen, as also provides superior automatic transmission for Porsche models.

Efficiency of an Automatic Gearbox

A modern automatic gearbox uses a mechatronic unit which produces a high level of efficiency. This is mainly due to the number of gears, which an automatic gearbox specialist will point out is an economical counterpart to a manual gearbox. Bromley motorists can also benefit from lower CO2 emissions as a result.

The main benefits our Bromley clients reap when choosing cars with automatic transmission include:

  • Less Labour-Intensive Driving – Cars with a DSG gearbox or a traditional automatic gearbox are easier to operate. Without a clutch, gear changes can be made without manual control, which can be stressful and tiresome. Issues with cars rolling back when starting up the engine at an incline is removed from the equation.

  • Easy Automatic Gearbox Repairs – As one of the leading automatic gearbox specialists in the Bromley area, we know that carrying out automatic gearbox repairs are time and cost-efficient. By connecting to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and checking the Transmission Control Module (TCM), our technicians identify and locate faults to perform precise automatic gearbox repairs.

  • Added Value to the Vehicle – If Bromley clients want to sell their car, a vehicle with automatic transmission, such as a DSG gearbox, has greater appeal and value in the marketplace.

To find out more about automatic gearbox repairs in Bromley, and how we can help maintain the condition of your automatic transmission, call 020 8776 9996.