Automatic Transmission in Dartford | A Beginners Guide to Driving an Automatic Vehicle



In our position as locally trusted automatic gearbox specialists, we cover every problem related to automatic transmission. We provide motorists in Dartford with a complete range of automatic gearbox repairs and reconditioning services. During our considerable time in the industry, we have recognised that motorists who traditionally drive manual vehicles often experience small difficulties in making the transition to one with an automatic or DSG gearbox. While these often represent nothing of great concern, they do have the potential to put strain on the components of the automatic gearbox itself.


In order to reduce the likelihood of unnecessary automatic gearbox repairs in the future, we have outlined below some of the basic, yet essential, steps Dartford drivers should be aware of when making the switch to an automatic or DSG gearbox.

Best Practice for Driving an Automatic Vehicle



1. Be Aware of Engine Creep

Unlike manual vehicles, those fitted with automatic transmission have a tendency to creep forward as soon as the engine starts. This process, appropriately known as “engine creep”, can be easily and simply stopped by pressing down on the brake when starting the engine. In fact, a feature with more modern automatic vehicles prevents cars from starting until the driver has a foot on the brake to start with.


Needless to say, engine creep can catch drivers unfamiliar with automatic vehicles by surprise, leading to bumps and scratches in particularly tight spots such as car parks across the Dartford area.


2. Be Prepared for Heavy Braking

In our position as automatic gearbox specialists, we have heard from countless customers that there was a noticeable difference in braking with an automatic or DSG gearbox when compared with a manual. Cars with automatic transmission don’t provide the same level of engine braking when the driver removes their foot from the accelerator. As such, in order to bring the car to a halt, the brake needs to be operated in a firmer fashion.


As with any change from familiarity, however, this issue is usually short-lived. Dartford Motorists who come to us for automatic gearbox repairs often say that any new techniques soon become second nature.


3. Be Aware of Corners

In most cases, an automatic or DSG gearbox has the ability to move up a gear when the driver eases up on the accelerator ahead of going into a corner. However, this may not always be ideal for every situation. As automatic gearbox specialists for the Dartford area, we advise drivers to ease pressure on the accelerator earlier than they would with a manual. This encourages a change down in gear before the corner, thus allowing the driver to accelerate out of the bend in a more familiar fashion.


Increasing awareness of such techniques plays a vital role in getting the most out your vehicle while taking care of the automatic transmission system. Needless to say, finding out how to make the change to an automatic car successfully greatly reduces the likelihood of automatic gearbox repairs in the near future.

For more information regarding automatic gearbox repairs in Dartford, call 020 8776 9996 to talk to our automatic gearbox specialists.

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