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Our team of automatic gearbox specialists provides a wide range of DSG gearbox services for motorists in Bromley and the surrounding London, Surrey and Kent areas. Our company repairs all vehicle makes and models. If you are experiencing problems with the automatic transmission system when driving your vehicle, contact our team today. We have the training required to examine any type of automatic gearbox or DSG gearbox, using a combination of mechanical skills and modern diagnostic equipment.

Our experts are more than happy to share advice when it comes to scheduling repair and rebuilding services, and to give our clients a greater understanding of their cars.

DSG Gearboxes Explained

A DSG gearbox is a type of automatic gearbox which can be found in many makes and models, including those manufactured by Bromley and South London motorists, and those in the surrounding areas, who own an Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, BMW or Porsche are also likely to have a DSG gearbox already installed.

An automatic gearbox specialist from our company can maintain the condition of the DSG gearbox on your vehicle if issues arise using mechatronic unit fault-finding skills, performing automatic gearbox repairs and fitting replacement parts as needed.

How Does It Work?

The automatic transmission of a DSG gearbox is hydraulically powered by two clutches, which allows the gears to shift up and down at a rapid rate. This is known as mechatronics. The electronic automatic transmission unit uses sensors, which work in tandem with the mechanics of the hydraulic system.

While the gear is engaged with one clutch, the mechatronic unit anticipates the next shift change with the second clutch. This intelligent automatic transmission is calculated from such elements as the engine speeds and the driving speeds of Bromley motorists, as well as the position of the accelerator.

Coordinated shift patterns from the hydraulics inside the automatic gearbox reduce any delays between shift times. This eliminates unresponsive characteristics from a DSG gearbox. The automatic transmission can also be controlled by levers or paddles, which are fitted close to the steering wheel.

Benefits of a DSG Gearbox

  • The DSG automatic gearbox manages automatic transmission performance by providing smoother gear changes

  • Motorists are less likely to experience stalling

  • Less effort is required from the driver with an automatic gearbox as there is no exterior clutch

  • There are two DSG gearbox modes which are designed to enhance your driving experience; ‘S’ improves acceleration by holding the gears in place for longer while ‘M’ allows drivers to manually choose when to change gear

  • Complex shift commands can be performed in milliseconds

  • A torque converter isn’t required for a DSG gearbox, unlike other automatic transmission systems and gearboxes

DSG Gearbox Repairs

At Wavertree Automatics, we provide car owners in Bromley and the wider London, Surrey and Kent areas with the complete range of automatic gearbox repairs, including problems with DSG gearboxes and similar automatic transmission systems. Because we are genuine automatic gearbox specialists for the whole of the South East of England, we also offer full rebuilding services on DSG gearboxes for our customers.

To speak to an automatic gearbox specialist about DSG gearbox repairs in Bromley, London, Surrey and Kent, call 020 8776 9996.