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Wavetree Automatics have been specialising in automatic gearbox repairs and replacements since 1969. In the past few years, our family-run company has noticed an ever-increasing popularity for automatic vehicles. This is most likely due to innovative new systems such as the DSG gearbox, offering an incredibly intelligent driving experience. As an automatic gearbox specialist for the Guildford area, our experts are happy to share advice about automatic gearboxes.


Having been a popular choice in America since the 1950s, here in the UK more and more drivers are picking automatic vehicles over manual. Recently published data suggests that almost 650,000 new cars with an automatic gearbox were registered in Britain in 2016, a 55 per cent increase compared to 2013. With the demand for automatic transmission continuing to grow rapidly, we’re looking at the top five benefits of choosing automatic over manual, for motorists in Guildford and the wider UK areas.

Top 5 Benefits of Automatic Transmission



1. Hassle-free driving experience

The main benefit of an automatic gearbox is the easier driving experience compared to manual. The simplicity of the automatic transmission system, especially with a modern DSG gearbox, means gear changes can be made without the often tiring manual gear changes. Forget about those stressful hill starts and achy legs when constantly changing gear in traffic, with an automatic gearbox it’s all done for you by a highly efficient mechatronic unit.


2. Easier repairs

When it comes to automatic gearbox repairs and part replacements, specific problems can often be identified easier and accessed quicker than a manual gearbox. As an automatic gearbox specialist for Guildford and the South East of England, we have extensive experience in this area. Our expert technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to connect to the Transmission Control Module (TCM) and Engine Control Unit (ECU), to pinpoint any issues.


3. Wider appeal

Cars with a DSG gearbox or a traditional automatic gearbox are easier to operate so have wider market appeal. Thanks to the growing number or hybrid and modern automatic vehicles, there continues to be an increasing public interest in automatic transmission. This makes them an excellent choice for Guildford motorists, as they will likely be easier to sell in the future. Automatics are also appealing to more drivers because not everyone is able to drive a manual.


4. Reliable performance

Automatic transmission helps vehicles to maintain control even in the toughest ground conditions, making them ideal for both private and trade motorists in Guildford and throughout the UK. Our automatic gearbox specialist explains that, thanks to intelligent transmissions such as the DSG gearbox, coordinated shift patterns from the hydraulics inside the automatic gearbox reduce any delays between shift times. This eliminates unresponsive characteristics and increases overall performance.


5. Fuel efficient

In the past, manual transmission engines were thought to weigh less and have more gears than automatics, resulting in better fuel efficiency. However, due to the introduction of industry-leading automatic transmission units this is no longer the case. As an automatic gearbox specialist and expert in automatic gearbox repairs, we know they can be just as fuel efficient as manual alternatives, due to rapid gear shifts and intelligent mechatronics.

DSG Gearbox Advantages



The modern DSG gearbox is an innovative and powerful gearbox, often found in vehicles manufactured by Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, BMW and Porsche. Unlike a conventional automatic gearbox, DSG’s use a pair of clutches instead of a single unit to help you change gear quicker. Guildford motorists may enjoy the advantages of faster gearbox transmission shifts, increased fuel economy and a decrease in engine noise with the DSG gearbox. At Wavetree Automatics, we specialise in DSG automatic gearbox repairs.

To find out more about automatic transmission, contact our automatic gearbox specialist team on 020 8776 9996. We offer automatic gearbox repairs and DSG gearbox rebuilds in Guildford.

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