Automatic Gearbox Specialist in Bromley | Transmission Repairs

Wavertree Automatics covers Bromley and the surrounding areas as an automatic gearbox specialist. If you are the proud owner of a car with automatic transmission but have recently noticed issues in the way that it changes gear, we are always here to help. The complexities of an automatic car make repair work more of a challenge. Some garages prefer to avoid automatic gearbox repairs because of the depth of work required.

We don’t.

The team at Wavertree Automatics is adept in all manual and automatic gearboxes so, whatever your problem, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call us. Automatic transmission is a field in which we are highly experienced.

We can work on all the following:

  • Manual Gearboxes

  • Automatic Gearboxes

  • Semi-Automatic Gearboxes

  • DSG Gearboxes

  • Mechatronic Gearboxes

  • Powershift Gearboxes

We welcome enquiries from motorists in all Bromley areas, and from locations across London, Surrey and Kent.

First for Manual and Automatic Gearbox Repairs

Wavertree Automatics recognises that small running issues can quickly turn into major repair work if drivers fail to react to the important tell-tale signs. It makes sense to bring your car into our workshop, and to let our highly skilled team of automatic gearbox specialists diagnose the issue. Repairing a car with automatic transmission can often be more costly than repairing one that has a more traditional manual gearbox.

We work on both, but automatic gearbox repairs are a definite specialist area for our friendly, personable company.

Call us if:

  • You have difficulty in selecting gear

  • Gears keep dropping out

  • Whining and crunching noises

  • DSG and mechatronic unit faults

  • Desynchronised transmission issues

  • Oil and fluid leaks from the gearbox

  • Gearbox is not responding in drive mode

While preventative maintenance is always a much better option than reactive repair work, it isn’t always easy to spot issues with automatic gearboxes and automatic transmission systems until it’s too late and major engine damage occurs.

We strongly advise that motorists from Bromley, and those in the surrounding areas, book in for automatic gearbox repairs before an issue reaches a stage where the only other option is to perform a complete replacement at a much higher cost.

For manual and automatic gearbox repairs in Bromley, London, Surrey or Kent, call 020 8776 9996.